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umd's Journal

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College Park
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Welcome to the University of Maryland, College Park LiveJournal commity. This is a place to share basically anything relevant to campus life or life in general in the surrounding area. In this community so far, people have successfully found campus employment, housing, many class recommendations, real-world friends, and more. So please, post away.

This community is open to any member of the greater UMCP community: students, alumni, faculty and staff (and, future students, if you're actually coming here). Of course, anyone can read and make comments, and even if you're not a student, you can join if you REALLY want to.

To join: They have just made this so much easier! This is no longer a "CLOSED" community, but rather a "MODERATED" one. Thus, simply click the "join" link at the top of the page, and I will most likely approve you (it is preferred that you have some present / past / future affiliation with UMD, but not *strictly* required). I also troll through random LJ userinfos and add people who clearly belong to campus.

Things of Interest:

The OFFICIAL Facebook Thread!

Browse the memories (and now, preferably, the tags) for previously asked questions if you're in need of a quick response or if you want to check and see if you're question has already been answered.

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